Wednesday, 4 July 2012

HOW TO: Party in heels ALL night long!

Ok, so I know most girls out there worry about their feet hurting in heels wether it be on a night out or at work so here is a few tips and products that can help!

#1: Buy a pair of comfy roll up pumps! They take up hardly any space and are perfect for being held in a clutch or bag so are great for that desperate drunken journey to the taxi. If you're a bit strapped for cash you can use your smallest most bendable pumps.

#2: The Party Feet Pamper Pack - Their ultra slim invisible gel cushions should cushion your feet and make the shoes more comfortable. It also comes with Party Feet Beauty Cream formulated with almond oil and vitamin E.
#3: Wear the heel around the house the day before as much as possible, so you break them in and also can figure out where they rub the most.

#4: Put anti-perperant on your feet before you go out, your feet sweat so they are going to slide about and will cause friction.. not good, getting some gel liners can also help, they should help to keep your foot in the right place.

 #5: Put a couple of different sized plasters in your bag/clutch just incase your heel or toes start rubbing.

#6: Try to take smaller steps! If you can afford it share a taxi with your friends to avoid walking to venues or just be very nice to a family member/ boyfriend and hope for the best.

#7: Although it's tempting to buy the cheaper pair of heels from places like Primark/New Look/Ebay etc. a well made pair of shoes can be a lot better for your feet, you do have to spend a little more but it's worth it in the long run, they will also last you a lot longer.

#8: Pamper your feet! They carry you around all day, everyday! So relax, soak them in hot water and try to con a friend or partner into massaging your tender tootsies.

#9: Though it is not always convenient to wear flats, you need to do it to give your feet a break. If you need to wear heels at work try investing in a pair of midi heels, or at the very least wedges that will spread out the weight being exerted on your feet.

The Nelly Launch - FREE HEELS!

Ok, so if I told all you girls out there that you could go down to a very sleek, stylish club near you, and enjoy drinks, nibbles and FREE shoes for the first 150 girls through the doors? What would you do? Scream? I think so. Especially when you know that some of the shoes retail at £49.95!

When I heard about this event I just had to go. So basically Nelly is the Swedish equivalent of ASOS and the team are trying to introduce themselves to the rest of the world. I went along and paid my £3 entry to JAVA in Bristol, on the guestlist, which I though was fair considering I was about to get a pair of high quality heels for FREE! The drinks were cheap (considering I have just returned from London), so I couldn't complain. Upon entering I was handed a small card on which I was told to note down the name and colour of the shoe I wanted and then enter it into their laptops they had set to one side along with my name and address. They would have them sent to me within 1 month! I didn't think the night could have gotten much better, but they also handed me a small voucher for a goody bag to be given out later on the night. By the time I had had a few drinks, entered the data for my totally FREE shoes and walked around the glass cabinets filled with gorgeous shoes, once again, I received my free goody bag, inside was lingerie, some Maybelline make-up, £20 off their store online and a couple of other items, not much but a nice touch, I thought. Nelly are still touring the UK so check out their website and RSVP for a chance to win free VIP tickets to an event near you so you are definitely one of those first 150 girls!