Friday, 6 September 2013

Holiday Blues

So it's the day before I am due to return home from my trip to beautiful Croatia. I am sat enjoying my last bit of sun, I'm staring out at the beautiful view wondering how I will ever get back to my 'normal' life. During my stay at this truly wonderful hotel I had the pleasure of meeting the hotels owner, a very beautiful young woman, mid twenties, blonde, tall, and I'd imagine very very rich. Although she stays here for most of the year when the guests are here, I can't imagine she spends every day lounging in the sun and sipping Margaritas, she must work very very hard. 

Maybe there is something I'm missing, maybe I should just be doing something different, a slight change in direction perhaps? At least that's what I've been lead to believe. But why not a bigger one? For a long while now and even more so since coming here and meeting the owners of this beautiful hotel, I have found myself constantly thinking, I wish I could start my own business. I wish I had one great idea instead of what I believe to be a few really good ones. I wish I had the brains to know what is actually involved in starting up a business. After a bit of thought (several months) I thought to myself... I think I could do it, I can remedy all of the above. So what is actually stopping me? I figured out it was something that, as I write this, may seem to some very trivial. My path seems to be set and it is very typical, nothing out of the ordinary but I remember to be grateful for this also. The thing is, is it so wrong to want more at such a young age (I am nearly 20)? So many young people are taking this route now. Now that I think about it maybe I am my own problem. To be successful I will try and fail first and then many times more and after each time I fail on something I will always have people that will pick out the most negative points instead of the positives. If I want to have a chance, I have to pick myself back up and carry on and to do that I'll need to ignore every single one of those people that only have the negative things to say. So to avoid setting myself up for failure now, I guess I'd better just do it and everyone will just have to live with it. And hey, if I do grow and succeed, I won't be the one feeling so stupid.