Thursday, 5 July 2012

On a night out my favourite thing to put on is my big chunky wedges, they are more comfortable to wear and I find I now wear them so much that when I dust of my heels I can barely last half the night without having to contrantly sit down and take them off! Here is a small list I have compliled of my favourite wedges out there at the moment!

The hot pink wedges are guaranteed to add a blast of colour to any outfit!
Now on OFFER on eBay at an amazing £28.79 + £3.39 postage.

Boot wedge with black suede and gold leather with a slit down the front £105 from (10% off for students!)

Black strappy wedges £16.99 + £3.95 postage from

Beige suede wedges £24.99 from
(10% student discount!)

What I chose to go with these beige suedette wedges:

 I chose a cream blouse from H&M similar to this white Sheer 3/4 Length Sleeve Shirt from

These rose shorts are similar to the ones I have from H&M, but from