Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our little trip to Berlin!

A few months ago, Teddy and I decided to go on a little German adventure. It started well, after rushing to the airport we quickly came to the realization that we may in fact NOT be going anywhere - or perhaps we would, but our bags would not. After somehow sneaking our far too large bags past security and onto the plane we were halfway there! We arrived quite late but after dropping our bags off at our hotel we headed straight out for some German beers! We stayed at the Hotel Indigo Berlin - Alexanderplatz which was a truly lovely modern hotel, as I said situated in the Alexanderplatz, the transportation central of Berlin. We absolutely loved seeing all the German markets, doing a walking tour and soaking up the city's history. Berlin Zoo was quite overwhelming as it was so vast! We saw so many things and enjoyed many crêpes and mugs of glühwein in our five days in Berlin but we plan to go back this year and do it all over again!