Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our little trip to Berlin!

A few months ago, Teddy and I decided to go on a little German adventure. It started well, after rushing to the airport we quickly came to the realization that we may in fact NOT be going anywhere - or perhaps we would, but our bags would not. After somehow sneaking our far too large bags past security and onto the plane we were halfway there! We arrived quite late but after dropping our bags off at our hotel we headed straight out for some German beers! We stayed at the Hotel Indigo Berlin - Alexanderplatz which was a truly lovely modern hotel, as I said situated in the Alexanderplatz, the transportation central of Berlin. We absolutely loved seeing all the German markets, doing a walking tour and soaking up the city's history. Berlin Zoo was quite overwhelming as it was so vast! We saw so many things and enjoyed many crêpes and mugs of glühwein in our five days in Berlin but we plan to go back this year and do it all over again!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I'm back!

So, I know I've been away for a little while but I just wanted to post a quick message to you all to let you know I am returning. I've been very very busy lately and a lot has happened. I hope I can fill you in soon. My blog is soon to be updated and renewed too so watch this space for new posts! X


Monday, 28 October 2013

Vintage Fair!

So I've been meaning to write this up for a while now, it happened a month or two back however there is one every month so I was meaning to gather more pictures and a better review from attending more of these events!

If you have ever been to one of these or something of the like, I know you will understand me when i say I just get this overwhelming feeling of excitement in my stomach and almost can't take all of it in. I never know where to start, there is just too much vintage!

What I think makes this fair really fun and also breaks the shopping time up a little (for a well needed rest!) is that it has live music which fits well with the overall theme of the day. At this event I also saw they were selling tea and coffee and coco cola in the glass bottles, which is a nice touch and adds to the quirky feel there is inside this place. The tea and coffee is served in beautiful old vintage cups and saucers as is the brownies and beautifully decorated cup cakes on cute floral plates!

I never tried it but I came across a couple of stalls called 'Vintage Hair Lounge' which also offered make up! So ladies for only a few quid you could had the hair and make up to match your new vintage frock! 

My top tip when attending events like these is to arrive early and pace yourself! Also this may not apply but you may find it to be helpful if your next event is anything like the ones I have attended, be sure to wear a thin tank top or something similar which is good to slip things over if you are going to be trying on any of the bargain finds as there may not be changing rooms at all!

I really love finding out more about vintage fairs or flea markets in general, so please if you know of one or have ever been, please share that information with me!! :) 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

YouTube has landed!

Hello all my lovelies, after some thought I have decided why not start using Youtube to share my thoughts and things I love! It will take me a while to get into the swing of things but I'm sure I will learn the basics of iMovie fast enough..!

As of the moment I have one video out there, you may remember I jetted off to Croatia recently and upon returning decided to put together a few of my favourite clips from our day trip to Dubrovnik! Please have a look and don't despair, there is much better to come! I look forward to filming vlogs and a few more travel diaries!

For any one of you bloggers out there in the blogsphere thinking of starting a Youtube channel too, please let me know and i'd be happy to share my thoughts and tips if you'd like to hear them! I know it can seem daunting but hey! you already started a blog so why not!

For now, please Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here so you can be the first to know when I upload a new video!

Much love to you all X

Friday, 6 September 2013

Holiday Blues

So it's the day before I am due to return home from my trip to beautiful Croatia. I am sat enjoying my last bit of sun, I'm staring out at the beautiful view wondering how I will ever get back to my 'normal' life. During my stay at this truly wonderful hotel I had the pleasure of meeting the hotels owner, a very beautiful young woman, mid twenties, blonde, tall, and I'd imagine very very rich. Although she stays here for most of the year when the guests are here, I can't imagine she spends every day lounging in the sun and sipping Margaritas, she must work very very hard. 

Maybe there is something I'm missing, maybe I should just be doing something different, a slight change in direction perhaps? At least that's what I've been lead to believe. But why not a bigger one? For a long while now and even more so since coming here and meeting the owners of this beautiful hotel, I have found myself constantly thinking, I wish I could start my own business. I wish I had one great idea instead of what I believe to be a few really good ones. I wish I had the brains to know what is actually involved in starting up a business. After a bit of thought (several months) I thought to myself... I think I could do it, I can remedy all of the above. So what is actually stopping me? I figured out it was something that, as I write this, may seem to some very trivial. My path seems to be set and it is very typical, nothing out of the ordinary but I remember to be grateful for this also. The thing is, is it so wrong to want more at such a young age (I am nearly 20)? So many young people are taking this route now. Now that I think about it maybe I am my own problem. To be successful I will try and fail first and then many times more and after each time I fail on something I will always have people that will pick out the most negative points instead of the positives. If I want to have a chance, I have to pick myself back up and carry on and to do that I'll need to ignore every single one of those people that only have the negative things to say. So to avoid setting myself up for failure now, I guess I'd better just do it and everyone will just have to live with it. And hey, if I do grow and succeed, I won't be the one feeling so stupid. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

5 Reasons He Might Be A Player

You've met a new guy, he seems nice, you get along. You've done 'the check-up', under the radar, and you've established he's not unemployed, married, or mentally insane. Everything seems to be going well and you may even find yourself starting to have dangerous visions of the two of you together holding hands, skipping through a meadow filled with flowers in spring time. You haven't quite got him figured out? Well look no further, the list I have complied below will hopefully help some of you ladies out there figure out if he is worth your time!

1. My friends, your friends

If you've invited him out to meet your girlfriends or even just to a work function, but there always seems to be an excuse as to why he can't come, it's likely he is trying to distance himself from a situation like this. If he's nervous, that can be expected, but the longer your new friendship goes on, especially if it moves into the relationship stage, the more likely it is that he is escaping meeting them and therefore, avoiding commitment.

2. Photos

Do you have pictures together? On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? If not this is an indication that he is avoiding people seeing the two of you together. What you post online is there forever and many people on social networking sites have access to your information, so they are a great way for you to share things with your friends and family. If he doesn't want to share moments captured, or you don't have any, it's likely he isn't interested in making any.

3. Call Me?

Do you have trouble getting in touch with him? He never returns your calls? You arrange to meet him and then he doesn't answer his phone? This is an obvious one. Apart from showing obvious signs that he isn't interested in spending time together any more than necessary to keep you dangling, it's just plain rude. Ditch and run!

4. Lots of [girl]friends

If those pictures on his profiles online are showing you other girls, frequently and ever changing faces is what to look out for. It's perfectly normal for men to have friends that are girls but when it seems like all they do is hang out with their girl mates, especially different ones every time... Then it's not ok.

5. Kiss me quick!

Some men don't like to be too affectionate in public, it's just too difficult for them, they don't feel comfortable. You should respect how they feel. However, there is a fine line here. If he doesn't want to kiss you as if you had just been reunited after several months, that's ok, he's just not comfortable. But when you ask for a peck on the cheek or and cuddle in public and he doesn't like the idea, maybe he is more uncomfortable with the thought of someone he knows seeing the two of you together. Ladies, also note that if your guy IS really into you, you shouldn't even have to ask.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Nike Free 5.0+

So the other day I went out on a mission to buy some new running shoes. I can be very decisive and it had taken me a good few months of procrastinating before I actually bought these. I walked around for most of the day, the same feeling of doom looming over me, growing, in fear that I would still not find a pair of trainers. A bit extreme you may think? Well I think not. Think about it, you want to find a pair that supports your feet, feels comfortable and also looks nice. Usually this won't come cheap, so I think it is best to shop around and find what is best for you, at a good price.. of course! I walked into a JD and slipped these on and when I stood, I felt some weight lifted from my feet. I was sold. A very snug fit due to the features incorporated into this new Nike shoe but oh so comfortable! Of course I will have to wait and see how the comfort holds up on my first run, although as always, they will need to have some use before I can really come to a decision. This shoe has had so many raving reviews - So keep your eyes peeled for my next review and I'll let you know how I find them on my first run!