Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Chanel and Paris.

As an extensions of my previous post of what I got up to in Paris (mainly shopping) I thought I would share with you what I bought when I was in this beautiful city. Now before I go on I must say that I am not fabulously rich just fortunate enough to be able to put some money away for things we all really need! (Ok, well, not really NEED but they are definitely going to be an useful asset to my daily life... Yes, you could say I am fashion delirious.)

I started my shopping excursion in Paris with a goal in mind - find something I will buy and keep forever which will serve as a reminder of Paris at times and remind me that I am capable of success... which could lead to many, many more Chanel purchases one day. We first took a trip down Avenue Montaigne to a large Chanel boutique and had a look around, I gawped at the bags and accessories like a fish. It seems to me that the more impressed and taken aback by the quality and finish of these gorgeous bags, you will find yourself not receiving much attention from the sales assistants. The women I saw to be trying out bags and purchasing them looked like they were on a shopping mission! Many knew what they wanted already and didn't seem to be very excited about the fact that they were about to purchase these bags, mostly everything felt rushed and rather like a scramble to get to the bags. Anyway, I didn't buy anything at this store as it was far too busy and I didn't see anything within my price range.

I ended up making my purchases at Galeries Lafayette, for which you can find the location and info details in my previous post. Shopping in this department store was like nothing I have ever seen or done before.. The sheer size and decadence was astonishing. You can find anything you want. But mostly it will come at a price. And probably some pushing too. We headed over to Louis Vuitton first which, although very busy, if you wait patiently for an assistant to help you, they will help you and you only. I looked at a few card holders, coin purses, but they weren't really exactly what I was looking for, so we carried on. Just last the Hermes watch boutique we found the mini Chanel boutique, which we found to be a little more difficult to get into, having its own four walls, inside this department store. We stopped outside and were ushered into a roped off area for queuing. After about ten minutes we were inside and I decided this time as I was assigned an assistant immediately, to ask to see any small accessories they have such as their purses. Some caught my eye, but to cut to the chase, I settled on one small coin purse and one small card holder, both in a beautiful black lambskin. I plan to use these if I am dashing out of the house, or going for a few drinks with the girls! Let me know what you think and what your favourite designer item is!