Sunday, 16 June 2013

5 Reasons He Might Be A Player

You've met a new guy, he seems nice, you get along. You've done 'the check-up', under the radar, and you've established he's not unemployed, married, or mentally insane. Everything seems to be going well and you may even find yourself starting to have dangerous visions of the two of you together holding hands, skipping through a meadow filled with flowers in spring time. You haven't quite got him figured out? Well look no further, the list I have complied below will hopefully help some of you ladies out there figure out if he is worth your time!

1. My friends, your friends

If you've invited him out to meet your girlfriends or even just to a work function, but there always seems to be an excuse as to why he can't come, it's likely he is trying to distance himself from a situation like this. If he's nervous, that can be expected, but the longer your new friendship goes on, especially if it moves into the relationship stage, the more likely it is that he is escaping meeting them and therefore, avoiding commitment.

2. Photos

Do you have pictures together? On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? If not this is an indication that he is avoiding people seeing the two of you together. What you post online is there forever and many people on social networking sites have access to your information, so they are a great way for you to share things with your friends and family. If he doesn't want to share moments captured, or you don't have any, it's likely he isn't interested in making any.

3. Call Me?

Do you have trouble getting in touch with him? He never returns your calls? You arrange to meet him and then he doesn't answer his phone? This is an obvious one. Apart from showing obvious signs that he isn't interested in spending time together any more than necessary to keep you dangling, it's just plain rude. Ditch and run!

4. Lots of [girl]friends

If those pictures on his profiles online are showing you other girls, frequently and ever changing faces is what to look out for. It's perfectly normal for men to have friends that are girls but when it seems like all they do is hang out with their girl mates, especially different ones every time... Then it's not ok.

5. Kiss me quick!

Some men don't like to be too affectionate in public, it's just too difficult for them, they don't feel comfortable. You should respect how they feel. However, there is a fine line here. If he doesn't want to kiss you as if you had just been reunited after several months, that's ok, he's just not comfortable. But when you ask for a peck on the cheek or and cuddle in public and he doesn't like the idea, maybe he is more uncomfortable with the thought of someone he knows seeing the two of you together. Ladies, also note that if your guy IS really into you, you shouldn't even have to ask.

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